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Law: Selected Sources of PRC Law

Guide to legal research materials at HKU Libraries

國家公報 Gazettes

法規匯編 Collections

行政法規Administrative Regulations

These are legal documents made by the State Council (國務院) containing rules for implementing laws, or experimental rules with no governing laws.

行政法規章/管理法規/管理條例 Administrative Rules

These are regulatory rules issued by the ministries, commissions and departments of the State Council (國務院) regulating affairs and matters under their respective administration.

地方法規 Local Regulations

These are enacted by local people’s congresses and their respective standing committees including provinces (), counties (), large cities () and cities which are capitals of provinces and are authorized by the Standing Committee of the NPC

地方自治條例條例 Autonomous Regulations & Special Regulations

These are made by the People’s congresses and their respective standing committees of autonomous regions (自治區), prefectures and counties, according to their special conditions and customs.

經濟特區法規 Regulations by Special Economic Zones

These are places defined by the Standing Committee of NPC that have the power of enacting special economic zones regulations for the purpose of promoting foreign investments and bringing in foreign technology.  Includes Hainan Province (海南), Shenzhen (深圳), Xiamen (廈門), Zhuhai (珠海), Shantou (汕頭), Pudong Developing Zone (上海市浦東開發區).

司法解釋 Judicial Interpretations

These are detailed rules for implementing law and regulations, judicial guidance to resolve issues encountered in the process of application of law, answers by the Supreme People’s Court (最高人民法院) and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate (最高人民檢察院) to specific questions raised by lower courts and procuratorates, etc.

案例 Cases

年鑑/手冊/辭典 Yearbooks/Handbooks/Dictionaries

英文資源 Sources in English language

報紙/期刊 Newspapers & Periodicals

數據庫 Databases