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English: Internet Resources

Subject guide to English resources for study or research of the subject

Internet Resources

American authors Created by Donna M. Campbell, at Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington, this site provides information on American authors and literary movements, a brief timeline of literature and events frompre-1650 to 1920, as well as links to other American literature sites.

Anglistik Guide Anglistik Guide is a subject gateway to scholarly relevant Internet resources on Anglo-American language and literature.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare The Web's first edition and a highly rated site. Contains the full HTML versions of Shakespeare's plays and poets, plus useful references such as glossary, chronological & alphabetical listing, discussion area, Bartlett's familiar Shakespearean quotations, and links to other Shakespeare resources on the Web.

Literary criticism databank : 文學批評資料館 A bilingual site that aims to introduce local English departments' students ways of applying English literary theories to literary and cultural text criticisms, especially in the context of the Taiwanese society. It also serves as an open space for further studies by providing in-depth analyses of theoretical issues and by inviting discussions and paper contributions. Maintained by the English Department at Fu Jen University.

Literary resources on the Net A collection of links to sites on the Internet dealing with English and American literature, excluding single electronic texts, and limited to collection of information useful to academics maintained by Jack Lynch.

Poets' corner Began in July 1995 and maintained by Steve Spanoudis, the site features an array of poems in English from various periods of literature. Pictures of selected poets are offered as well a bibliography of poetry anthologies.

Project Gutenberg Contains a collection of 194 public domain English language literature and historical documents from Project Gutenberg. This collection represents some of the most commonly used and referenced works of literature.

Voice of the Shuttle : website for humanities research Presents a directory of Web sites regarding humanities resarch, woven by Alan Liu.