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Guide to legal research materials at HKU Libraries
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Selected Sources of PRC Law Print Page

國家公報 Gazettes

中華人民共和國全國人民代表大會常務委員會公報Gazette of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China
Call Number: 法期322 163 / [法] KNQ2514.A15 Z47
The main official source providing the text of laws, regulations and other enactments or decisions passed by the NPC or its Standing Committee; published irregularly.

目錄索引Table of contents

中華人民共和國國務院公報 Gazette of the State Council of the PRC
Call Number: 法期322 165
Provides texts of enactments of the NPC and its Standing Committee, administrative regulations enacted by the State Council, and selected guizhang (規章) made by State Council departments; 3 issues monthly, with table of contents in English.

目錄索引Table of contents

索引Index: 中華人民共和國國務院公報. 1954-1990 總目

中華人民共和國最高人民法院公報 Gazette of the Supreme People’s Court of the PRC
Call Number: 法期322 1633
Contains selected documents of judicial interpretation, case summaries, and information about current developments in court system; published monthly.

中華人民共和國最高人民檢察院公報. Gazette of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate of the PRC
Call Number: 法期322 164
Contains judicial interpretation documents and instructions of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, speeches and reports relating to procuratorial work, and selected case summaries; published irregularly.

目錄索引Table of contents


法規匯編 Collections

中華人民共和國新法規匯編 Collections of new laws and regulations of the PRC - 國務院法制局編
Call Number: [法R] KNQ12.C47
Contains all laws, regulations of the State Council, selection of guizhang (規章) of Stat Council departments and local regulations.

中央人民政府法令彙編 1949-54 Collections of decrees of the Central People’s Government - 中央人民政府法制委員會編
Call Number: [法R] KNQ12.C483
Publication Date: 1982-
Contains legislative enactments of the Central People’s Government before the establishment of the NPC system in 1954.

中華人民共和國現行法規匯編 1949-1985 Collections of current regulations of the PRC 1949-1985 - 國務院法制局編
Call Number: 法XR 340.9287 50-2
Publication Date: 1987-
Texts of all administrative regulations and normative legal documents promulgated by or with the approval of the State Council during 1949-1985. Each of the 7 vols. Covers a specific subject.

中華人民共和國法律匯編Laws of the People’s Republic of China - 全國人民代表大會常務委員會法制工作委員會編
Call Number: 法XR 348.8702 50-5 / [法R] KNQ3190.A28
Publication Date: 1985-
Compiled by the Legislative Affairs Commission, NPC Standing Committee.

中華人民共和國法律匯編 1954-2004 - 全國人民代表大會常務委員會法制工作委員會編
Call Number: [法 R] KNQ13 2004e / [法R] KNQ13 2010e
Publication Date: 2004-

中華人民共和國現行法律全集 - 彭利明主編
Call Number: 法XR 348.87302 50-254
Publication Date: 1998

涉外經濟法律手冊 Handbook of foreign economic law - 國務院研究室財金貿易研究司編
Call Number: [法R] KNQ3405.A28 1997
Publication Date: 1997

企業實用法律法規選編 - 國家工商行政管理局個體私營經濟監督管理司編
Call Number: 法R 343.2107 50-424
Publication Date: 1998


行政法規Administrative Regulations

These are legal documents made by the State Council (國務院) containing rules for implementing laws, or experimental rules with no governing laws.

中華人民共和國現行法律行政法規匯編 - 國務院法制局編
Call Number: [法R] KNQ13 1995
Publication Date: 1949-1994

中華人民共和國現行法律行政法規匯編 - 國務院法制局編
Call Number: [法R] KNQ13 1998a
Publication Date: 1995-1997

中華人民共和國現行法律行政法規匯編 - 全國人大常委會法制工作委員會審定
Call Number: [法R] KNQ15.Z46 2002
Publication Date: 2002
Also available in CD-ROM

中華人民共和國現行法律行政法規目錄 - 國務院法制辦公室編
Call Number: [法R] KNQ17.7 2005
Publication Date: 1949-2005

現行工商行政管理規章匯編 - 國家工商行政管理局法制司編
Call Number: [法R] KNQ3190.A28 1997
Publication Date: 1997
Collected administrative regulations of current industrial and commercial laws

工商行政管理法規匯編 - 國家工商行政管理局法制司編
Call Number: 法 XR 346.2107 5066 / [法R] KNQ914.6.C46
Publication Date: 1995-2002
Collected administrative rules of current industrial and commercial laws


行政法規章/管理法規/管理條例 Administrative Rules

These are regulatory rules issued by the ministries, commissions and departments of the State Council (國務院) regulating affairs and matters under their respective administration.

Call Number: 法XR 343.21032 50-23
Publication Date: 1996

《中華人民共和國稅收徵收管理法實施細則》實用指南 - 國務院法制 辦公室財政金融法制司編著
Call Number: [法] KNQ3550.Z462 2002
Publication Date: 2002


地方法規 Local Regulations

These are enacted by local people’s congresses and their respective standing committees including provinces (省), counties (), large cities (市) and cities which are capitals of provinces and are authorized by the Standing Committee of the NPC.

北京市法規規章匯編, 1949-1997 - 北京市人民政府法制辦公室編
Call Number: [法R] KNQ8902.3 1998
Publication Date: 1949-1997

北京市法規規章匯編 - 北京市人民政府法制辦公室編
Call Number: [法R] KNQ8902.2.B45

地方性法規選編 Selected collection of local regulations
Call Number: [法R] KNQ2920.A28 1991
Publication Date: 1991

廣東省地方性法規匯編 Selected collection of local regulations of Guangdong Province - 廣東省人民代表大會常務委員會法律委員會編
Call Number: 法 X 342.2133 02 1979-1999 / 法 X 342.2133 02 2001 / [法R] KNQ6802.2. G826 2005
Publication Date: 1979-2005

廣州市法規規章全書 Collections of rules and regulations of Guangzhou - 廣州市人民政府法制局編
Call Number: [法R] KNQ9510.A45 1996
Publication Date: 1996

廣州市地方性法規匯編, 1997-2003 - 廣州市人民代表大會常務委員會編
Call Number: [法] KNQ9510.A3 2003
Publication Date: 2003

上海市法規規章匯編 Selected collection of local regulations of Shanghai - 上海市人民政府辦公廳, 上海市人民政府法制辦公室編
Call Number: [法R] KNQ9002.3 1986
Publication Date: 1949-1993
上海人民出版社 : 新華書店上海發行所發行

福建省地方性法規匯編 - 福建省人民代表大會常務委員會法制委員會编
Call Number: 法XR 348.931 50
Publication Date: 1979-1985

山西省地方性法規彙編 - 山西省人民代表大會法制委員會編
Call Number: [法] KNQ7402.3 2001
Publication Date: 2001


地方自治條例條例 Autonomous Regulations & Special Regulations

These are made by the People’s congresses and their respective standing committees of autonomous regions (自治區), prefectures and counties, according to their special conditions and customs.


經濟特區法規 Regulations by Special Economic Zones

These are places defined by the Standing Committee of NPC that have the power of enacting special economic zones regulations for the purpose of promoting foreign investments and bringing in foreign technology.  Includes Hainan Province (海南), Shenzhen (深圳), Xiamen (廈門), Zhuhai (珠海), Shantou (汕頭), Pudong Developing Zone (上海市浦東開發區).

深圳經濟特區新法規規章匯編 - 深圳市法制局編
Call Number: 法XR 348.8702 37 / [法R] KNQ9665.S47 S36

深圳經濟特區法規匯編 - 深圳市人民代表大會常務委員會編
Call Number: [法R] KNQ9665.S47 S34
Publication Date: 1992-2000

中國經濟開放地區法律規範全集 - 國務院法制局辦公室, 最高人民法院人民法院出版社編輯
Call Number: [法R] KNQ3405 .A33 1996
Publication Date: 1996

珠海市法規匯編 : 一九九六-一九九七 - 珠海市人大常委會辦公室編
Call Number: 法XR 348.9233 15
Publication Date: 1996-1997


司法解釋 Judicial Interpretations

These are detailed rules for implementing law and regulations, judicial guidance to resolve issues encountered in the process of application of law, answers by the Supreme People’s Court (最高人民法院) and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate (最高人民檢察) to specific questions raised by lower courts and procuratorates, etc.

經濟審判司法解釋及相關案例 - 主編馬原
Call Number: [法] KNQ3190.C49 1999
Publication Date: 1999

精選司法文件 - 最高人民法院研究室編
Call Number: [法R] KNQ13 1997d
Publication Date: 1997

精選司法文件 - 最高人民法院研究室編
Call Number: [法R] KNQ18.A4 1999
Publication Date: 1999

新中國司法解釋大全 Collection of judicial interpretations of new China - 梁國慶主編
Call Number: [法] KNQ1572.A32 X569
Publication Date: 1992-2002

中華人民共和國法律釋義全書 Interpretations of laws of the PRC - 主編孫琬鐘
Call Number: [法R] KNQ13 1996f
Publication Date: 1996

中華人民共和國最高人民法院司法解釋全集 - 最高人民法院研究室編
Call Number: [法R] KNQ13 1994b
Publication Date: 1949-1993

最新中華人民共和國常用司法解釋全書 - 最新中華人民共和國常用法解釋全書編寫組编
Call Number: [法] KNQ1597.A49 2009c
Publication Date: 2009

最高人民法院最新刑事法律司法解釋匯編 - 最高人民法院研究室編
Call Number: [法R] KNQ3796.5.Z85 1999
Publication Date: 1998


案例 Cases

中華人民共和國勞動法 : 立案・管轄・證據・裁判 - 中國法制出版社编
Call Number: [法] KNQ1264.A31994 Z63 2015
Publication Date: 2015

勞動關係纠纷案例 - 陳國强编著
Call Number: [法] KNQ1270.L3669 2013
Publication Date: 2013

Call Number: [法] KNQ3276.Z67 2013
Publication Date: 2013

刑事訴訟法 : 案例與圖表 - 主编葉青 ; 副主编楊可中, 周雪祥
Call Number: [法] KNQ4610.X5632 2015
Publication Date: 2015

中華人民共和國繼承法案例全解 - 李静编著
Call Number: [法] KNQ770.L46 2015
Publication Date: 2015

交通事故纠纷案例 - 陳國强编著
Call Number: [法] KNQ4384.J36 2013
Publication Date: 2013

新编工傷纠纷處理法律依據與案例評析 - 主编吳海洋, 楊静 ; 撰稿人吳海洋
Call Number: [法] KNQ1324.W86 2013
Publication Date: 2013

公司法判例與制度研究 - 白慧林著
Call Number: [法] KNQ1040.B33 2016
Publication Date: 2016

中華人民共和國食品藥品法律法規全書 - 中國法制出版社编
Call Number: [法] KNQ3090.A28 2016b
Publication Date: 2016

最高人民法院執行案例精選 - 江必新, 賀榮主编 ; 最高人民法院執行局编
Call Number: [法] KNQ1690.Z76 2014
Publication Date: 2014

中華人民共和國民事訴訟法 : 立案・管轄・證據・裁判 - 中國法制出版社編
Call Number: [法] KNQ1704.32012.Z46 2015
Publication Date: 2015

中國法院 ... 年度案例. 智慧財產權糾紛 - 國家法官學院案例開發研究中心編
Call Number: [法] KNQ1155.A48 Z56 2016
Publication Date: 2016

損害賠償案例實務 - 丁衛國, 葉子編著
Call Number: [法] KNQ828.D56 2008
Publication Date: 2008

最高人民法院民事審判指導案例解析 - 奚曉明主編
Call Number: [法] KNQ496.7.Z58 2015
Publication Date: 2015


年鑑/手冊/辭典 Yearbooks/Handbooks/Dictionaries

新編中華人民共和國常用法律法規全書 - 國務院法制辦公室編
Call Number: [法R] KNQ13 2016
Publication Date: 2016

法律辭典 - 李祖蔭編 ; 解錕點校
Call Number: [法R] K54.F236 2013
Publication Date: 2013

人民法院執行辦案手冊 - 主編唐德華 ; 副主編劉紅, 鄭健
Call Number: [法] KNQ1690.A49 2009
Publication Date: 2009

中華人民共和國刑法典 = Criminal law - 國務院法制辦公室編國務院法制辦公室編
Call Number: [法] KNQ3794 2016
Publication Date: 2016

公民常備實用法律手冊 - 《常見糾紛法律手冊》編寫組編著
Call Number: [法] KNQ13 2010f
Publication Date: 2010

大辭海. 法學卷 - 大辭海編輯委員會編篡 ; 夏征農, 陳至立主編
Call Number: [法R] K50.D325 2015
Publication Date: 2015

法律大辭典 - 汪翰章主編 ; 陳頤點校
Call Number: [法R] K54.F3 2014
Publication Date: 2014

Cover Art
袖珍漢英 -英漢法律詞典
Call Number: R K122.C5 C51
ISBN: 9780781812153
Publication Date: 2008
Hippocrene Books

法律文書寫作技術與規範 - 馬明利著
Call Number: [法] KNQ48.7.M36 2009
Publication Date: 2009

中國法律年鑑 = Law year book of China
Publication Date: 1987-
Includes chronology and reports on major legal developments of the year, data on law-related government, professional educational and research institutions, publications and publishers, statistics and figures, case summaries, text of all enactments of the NPC and its Standing Committee, etc.

Encyclopedia of Chinese law: national and regional laws of China
Call Number: RLB 349.51 E5
Publication Date: 1986-1994
Asia Law & Practice Ltd.


Sources in English language

Bulletin of the Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China
Call Number: PR KT4215 B93
Publication Date: 1985-1986
Translated from中華人民共和國最高人民法院公報 by Hong Kong Supreme Court interpreters.

China law and practice
Call Number: K1 C53 L41 A5
Publication Date: 1987-2014
Covers important new national and local business laws in China; practice notes; case bulletins; full translations of Chinese laws in bilingual format with Editor’s Notes.

China law library: full texts of national & regional legislation 法律庫
Call Number: 法期 340 33-5
Publication Date: 1995-2001
Contains full texts of legislation abstracted in China law and practice.

China law news: CLN 中國法律信息 (CCH Australia)
Call Number: K1 C53 L41 N5
Publication Date: 1997-1998
This newsletter contains information on new laws reported in the China laws for foreign business loose-leaf services

China law update 中國法律信息
Call Number: K1 C53 L41 U6 C
Publication Date: 1998-2003

China law reference service: December 1986-May 2008
Call Number: KT4221 C539 L4
Publication Date: 1986-2008
Contains all Chinese business law implemented from December 1986. Detailed English summaries of laws and regulations and full-length English translations of key laws, accompanied by Editor’s Notes.

China law reports (Butterworths Asia)
Call Number: PR KT4215 C53 L4
Publication Date: 1991-2001 With gaps

China laws for foreign business 中國對外經濟貿易法規匯編
Call Number: KT4210.3 C5 F
Publication Date: 2004-2007
Chinese with English translations. Includes laws on Business Regulation; Taxation & Customs; Special Zones & Cities

Laws of the People’s Republic of China (Foreign Languages Press)
Call Number: PR KT4210 L4 F82
Publication Date: 1979-96
Compiled by the Legislative Affairs Commission of the NPC Standing Committee.
Translated version of 中華人民共和國法律匯編

A Professional’s guide to PRC land legislation (中國土地政策法規指南)
Call Number: KT4243 P96
Publication Date: 1999-
A guide to the laws and regulations at national and provincial level that govern land rights and usage in China. Includes documents in English and Chinese. Information is provided on the acquisition and transfer of land rights for foreign investors with direct investment in China, including those involved in the development of real estate and manufacturing joint ventures.


報紙/期刊 Newspapers & Periodicals

1949-1984 法學論文目錄集 - 童兆洪, 呂雪梅編
Call Number: [法 R] K33.T85 1986
Publication Date: 1949-1984
浙江人民出版社 : 浙江省新華書店發行

1985-1987 法學論文目錄集 - 童兆洪, 呂雪梅編
Call Number: [法 R] K33.A15 1993
Publication Date: 1985-1987

中國法律期刊文獻索引 Index to legal periodicals of China - 主编邹育理 ; 副主编王光明
Call Number: [法 R] KNQ5.Z46
Publication Date: 2001-2005

法制日報 Legal Daily
Publication Date: 2000-
This national legal newspaper is an import ant source of research on legal development in the PRC. See also legal newspapers at provincial or local levels.

Formerly: 中國法制報

人民日報 People’s Daily
Publication Date: 1946-
Official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee.

China Daily (Hong Kong ed.)
Publication Date: 2005-

中國證券報 China securities
Publication Date: 1999-

Asia Pacific law review
Publication Date: 1992-

Beijing review 北京周報
Publication Date: 2006-

China law and practice
Publication Date: 1999-

China law digest 中國法律專訊
Call Number: 法期 340 1533
Publication Date: 1997
香港 :子才資訊企業有限公司

China law for business 中國法律
Call Number: LS 349.51 C53 L41 / K1 C53 L41 F6

China law quarterly 中國法律季刊
Call Number: K1 C53 L41 Q1
Publication Date: 1996

China law update 中國法律簡報 - Dept. of Justice. China Law Unit
Call Number: K1 C53 L41 U6
Publication Date: 1996-1999
News digests on China law from the press in HK and PRC; notes on new laws and regulations; special feature.

China legal developments bulletin
Call Number: K1 C53 L49 D4
Publication Date: 1997

China legal watch 中國法律觀察
Call Number: K1 C53 L49 W3
Publication Date: 2004-2006

Hong Kong law journal
Call Number: K1 H7 L4
Publication Date: 1971-
HKLJ is a leading scholarly journal on Hong Kong law and PRC law. Articles are academic analysis on current legal issues in Hong Kong and China, mostly written by members of the Law Faculty, University of Hong Kong, as well as academics and practitioners in the region.

Hong Kong lawyer
Call Number: K1 H7 L42
Publication Date: 1993-
The official journal of the Law Society of Hong Kong contains news and updates on China laws as well as short articles on practicing in China.

Journal of Chinese and comparative law
Call Number: K1 J8 C53 A5
Publication Date: 1995-2003

Columbia Journal of Asian Law
Call Number: K1 C72 J8 A8
Publication Date: 1996-

新法規月刊 New laws and regulations monthly
Call Number: 法期 340 71
Publication Date: 1985-


數據庫 Databases

China InfoBank 中國資訊行
An online service of full text Chinese language databases on China’s business and legal information. Its China Law and Regulation Database (中國法律法規庫) includes central and municipal laws and regulations since 1949. Also has daily legal news clippings from central and local newspapers in China and official documents from government bodies.

China Journal Net 中國期刊全文數據庫
A multi-disciplinary web-based resource of full text scholarly journals published in China. It contains several datasets including one on Economics, Politics and Law (經濟政治與法律輯專輯), and is a good source for finding secondary materials on PRC law and comparative law between China and Hong Kong.

Chinalawinfo 北大法律信息網 & Lawinfochina 北大法律英文網
One of the earliest and well established legal portals on PRC law, Chinalawinfo of Peking University has full text PRC laws and regulations since 1949, administrative rules, judicial interpretations, judgments, international treaties, treaties between China and foreign countries, as well as related legal news.

Its English interface Lawinfochina consists of two databases: foreign related economic and commercial laws and regulations, and Chinese judicial cases. English translations of laws and regulations, notices, legislative and judicial interpretations are also available.

EIU China hand
This full text database of China business intelligence is part of the Economist Intelligence Unit on the Internet. Issues covered include: investment procedures; macro-economic and political trends; trade patterns and regulations; finance, banking and taxes; investment locations and representative offices; infrastructure and communications; intellectual property rights consumer marketing and distribution; and human resources.

Lexis China 律商網
Selected regulations from the People's Republic of China as selected and translated by the Chinalaw-assisted Legal Research Center, Peking University. The collection includes: all the basic laws adopted by the National People's Congress and NPC Standing Committee from 1949 onwards; administrative regulations promulgated by the State Council from 1949; most administrative rules or orders promulgated or approved by different departments under the State Council and independent agencies such as Securities Regulatory Commission; important local regulations and rules which impact upon foreign-related activities or which provide incentives for technology
investments and economic development in different municipalities.

Westlaw China 萬律
This database contains laws and regulations and international treaties of China after 1949 as well as judgements and case headnotes. The database provides English translation to around 18,300 laws and regulations and more than 4600 case headnotes. Judgements and fulltext journal articles available in Chinese only.


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